Megger or insulation resistance is a device for measuring resistance up to 2 giga-ohm very big, usually up to 5 kV test voltage is to help and to measure the insulation resistance of cables, motors, transformers, generators and other electrical equipment will be, will become. To measure the voltage resistance usually required. In some of this type of device, 10kv voltage measurement is also typical of this type of devices to measure voltage between 100 V to 10 kV. Migraine device consists of a ratio meter.
Usually alternating voltage source device is required and it will create two forms.In the first method using a power supply voltage Dc Dc to help oscillator (oscillator) into Ac and then alternating voltage to the oscillator output will be increased to any desired value.
In the second method, using a simple generator that is driven by the voltage produced Ac.

diagnosis of megger

Health detection device for megger, the batch is second in the arms rotate and connect the two ends of the wires together, we were zero if the needle is health.

The operating principle of

Megger with converting voltage of 12 V (internal battery) to a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 10 kV test voltage to produce Dc test voltage control circuits controlled flow rate so that as soon as an increase in the limit or connection low voltage quickly be reduced to the level of trust. This is to protect internal systems and components are tested. Just like the typical resistance measurement with the difference that the manual type, by category, which is second in the arm to rotate, bringing the generator to circulate, thus increasing the voltage produced by the voltage transformers, increased and then by the rectifier to direct voltage (dc) is converted and used.

Work with megger

 Megger device test is that a positive connection to the conductor cable and negative cable shield or ground (if the shield is connected to earth) is. Migraine voltage proportional to the voltage cable is placed. Wait at least 15 seconds for reading resistance values later if the cable insulation problem is that more than 20 mega-ohms of resistance is registered.

How to devices insulation tester

First you need to make sure we complete power failure and after testing the lack of full compliance with safety voltage Insulation resistance is measured by two. In the following three-wire cable shield of the test is shown


Download our megger specification (HT7051)

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