Testing and monitoring of generators

Electric Power Generation is a sector of the industrial market with the specific need of assuring that power sources are running properly, ready for operation and well maintained. With a range of standard configurations for this market, Monico Gateways can add generator monitoring and integration quickly and easily into an overall facility or generator monitoring system.

First the generator should be given a visual inspection:

  • Are there any loose, damaged or missing parts?
  • Are the safety labels in place and easy to read?
  • Is the fuel tank full?
  • Is the fuel tank valve shut off?
  • Is the oil level up to the full mark?
  • Are all safety guards in place?

Next the generator should be tested:

  • Perform a manual test of each ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI).
  • Apply a load equal to at least 2/3 the generator’s capacity.
  • Verify that the output voltage and frequency is within specifications under no load and full load.
  • Test the ground bonding from the receptacle’s ground pin to the frame of the generator.

Monitoring and data collection on equipment provided to an overall monitoring system to track fuel consumption, power factor, and engine hours

Improve preventive maintenance efforts by adding analytic capabilities and prevent failures with alarm notifications via Email or SMS

In this regard, Center of Electrical Machines Testing and Monitoring (Cemtm), in cooperation with academic professors and industry experts, has provided testing and monitoring services. The services are as follows:

Thermography Inspection

Vibration Analysis

Motor Current Signature Analysis (MCSA)

Oil Tests


Ultrasonic Diagnostic