Testing and monitoring of generators

Electric Power Generation is a sector of the industrial market with the specific need of assuring that power sources are running properly, ready for operation and well maintained. With a range of standard configurations for this market, Monico Gateways can add generator monitoring and integration quickly and easily into an overall facility or generator monitoring system. See more

Testing and monitoring of electric motors

Predicting imminent motor failures requires knowledge, experience, and as many “tools” as are feasible to use. The more tools a technician has and uses properly, the more likely it is that he or she will be able to predict the health and longevity of the assets in use. Motor monitoring has become a vital tool with two facets that must be considered and fully utilized to obtain a successful diagnosis of the motor’s condition: offline testing and online monitoring.  See more

Testing and monitoring of transformers

Transformers play an important role in the power system. In relation of power grid transformers are true support in the hurricane. They perform dependably throughout the world safely, time after time, practically overlooked by the general public. See more

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Gas Chromatography Training Courses – Oct 2019

Start date: 15/10/2019

Course length: 16Hrs

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We are proud of ourselves because:

Provide valid certification

Participants in the courses will receive a valid certificate from Cemtm and Iran university of science and technology

Development of testing and monitoring

Today, the issue of equipment monitoring in advanced industries, has more important that before. And with testing and monitoring techniques, we can detect various faults before they are seriously damaged.

Targeted education

One of the goals of the Cemtm  is to provide theoretical and practical training courses on how to test and monitor equipment in industry.