Testing and monitoring of transformers

Power transformers are the central hub in the field of energy distribution and transmission. As such, their condition is critical for reliable, fault-free operation. Any failures can have serious consequences. The resulting overloads of grid sections can lead to far-reaching supply and production failures. A total failure of the insulation can lead to personal injury as well as to immense damage of property.

Preventive replacement after a certain number of operating years is often not an economically viable alternative, since the associated costs of replacing this asset can be enormous and the aging depends on the conditions in which the transformer is operated. Therefore, condition- or time-based asset testing and diagnostics have established themselves as the better option.

In this regard, Center of Electrical Machines Testing and Monitoring (Cemtm), in cooperation with academic professors and industry experts, has provided testing and monitoring services. The services are as follows:

Thermography Inspection

Gas Chromatography

Partial Discharge Testing

Insulation Monitoring

Tap Changer Monitoring

Testing and Monitoring of Bushing

Oil Tests