Gas Chromatography Training Courses – Oct 2019

Start date: 15/10/2019

Course length: 16Hrs

Course status: Registering

Duration: 16Hrs / 2 Days/ 15 & 16 Oct
Days:  Tuesday & Wednesday
Who should attend: Electrical & mechanical students & engineers, operations & maintenance experts, test & commissioning & inspection experts
Purpose of the course: Develop the engineering culture of testing and monitoring in the industries and improving the level of technical knowledge of the operators
Price: 7,000,000 IRR
Discount Conditions: Student and group registration (more than 3 people) will be discounted from 10% to 15%


**Note: Please be aware that the number of participants is limited and registrations will be approved on a first-come, first-serve basis!

  • Sampling program of transformers and reactors for OCM implementation
  • The impact of increased load on transformers, transformer short circuit impact, the effect of increasing oil temperature (long-term and short-term), temperature and its impact on the paper insulation, temperature and its effect on oil
  • Electric discharge (partial, low energy and arc discharge) in transformers, electrical and thermal errors, gases generated by transformer errors (from cellulose insulation and oil)
  • How to run on-line gas analyzer in power transformers and its relationship with off-line oil analyzer
  • Methods for evaluating transformer potential errors by the gases produced in it (in transformers having different types of oils), using IEC standard (All methods), using IEEE standard (All methods)
  • Analysis of gases in the tap changer of power transformers, analysis of gases in current transformers (CT) and voltage transformers (PT), Analysis and Evaluation of Gases in Oily Bushings, Switchable Oils Under Load, Overview of How to Evaluate Carbon Dioxide Gas Based on Technical Report IEC in all types of transformers under investigation
  • The most important causes of transformer failures, the most important causes of various transformer failures include: Causes of Core Failures, Causes of Core Coil Failures, the tap changer Failure, Causes of Cisterns, causes of damage to tanks, radiators and conservator, Causes of Bushing Failures
  • Need to supply 90%, 95% and 98% of gases for all types of transformers in the country
  • Courses will be held in Iran university of science and technology. also if you want, it can be held at your site on request.

Please submit a letter and list of participants at least 10 days before start day by fax at +98 21 4385 7642 or E-mail to: Also for more information, you can contact us with +98 21 7724 0431 and +98 919 039 4775 .

For more information, please contact us
  • Participants in the courses will receive a valid certificate from Cemtm.
  • Courses will be held in Iran university of science and technology. also if you want, it can be held at your site on request.